“The Blossfeldt Effect” painting series can be viewed this February at the Piano Nobile Gallery, Winnipeg Centennial Concert Hall.


A Series of Acrylic on Canvas Paintings.

Upon inheriting a wide range of art and plant books belonging to my grandmother, I did not expect to be seduced into starting a two and a half year painting project.

The photographic collection of Karl Blossfeldt (1865-1932), titled “Wunder in der Natur” (The Magic of Nature) and published posthumously in 1942 Berlin consists entirely of plant and flower studies. A special lens, invented by Blossfeldt magnified the detailed structure of each specimen and when combined with creative lighting appears sculpted, frozen in time.

This German born photographer, sculptor and professor emeritus had ushered in the genre of “The New Objectivity” movement in Germany. Some eighty years hence, modern day artists are still attracted to the purity of Karl Blossfeldt’s compositions.

Truly motivated, I began to re-interpret these black and white specimens using my personal color palette and painting style. During the evolution of each painting, I was delighted how each image revealed their expressive as well as sculptural character. 

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