Pearl will be participating in the October portion of the Manitoba Society of Artists Autumn show 2019. You’ll be able to see her art on display from October 5th to 31st. All are welcome to attend! 

More information about this show:

Please join us as Manitoba Society of Artists launches our fall season, with a feast of visual art exhibits, art talks and info sessions on MSA offerings. Eagleridge Gallery offers modern light-filled elegance in southwest Winnipeg, a new gallery featuring elegant marble floors and a warm welcome from gallerist Paul Toews. For more information on the artists or show events, call 204-287-8999 and visit the gallery at 15 Eagleridge Court Winnipeg R3Y 1A9. All are welcome.

Online catalog:

September Show dates: August 30 – September 27. Hours 11am to 4pm Tuesday to Saturday

September artists: Eleonore Esau, Gail Fisher, Leslie Franklin, Olga Krahn, Klara Piko, Manny Martins-Karman, Vera Ripley, Judy Sutton, 

September Gallery Events: 

Sept 7th / 2-5pm Artist Reception Vernissage

Sept 15th  / 11am “Artist Talks” / 2pm “Ideas on the Jury Process” – group discussion.    / 3pm “About MSA Membership” . 

October Show Dates: October 5 – 31. Hours 11am to 4pm Tuesday to Saturday

October artists: Pearl Bainbridge, Sheldon Dawson, Rosella Farmer, Monique Fillion, Naomi Gerrard, Faye Hall, Ruth Kamenev, Anne Layman, Shirley Rayner, Bonnie Taylor 

October Gallery events: 

Oct 4 / 1pm “Artist talks”  /  2pm “How to Exhibit at Piano Nobile” 3pm “What is OJCE?” 

Oct 5 / 2pm – 5pm  Artist Reception Vernissage 

Oct 13 / 1pm “Artist Talks” / 3pm “Ideas on the Jury Process” – group discussion. 

Pearl’s new painting “Dusk 1” will be for sale at this exhibit.